Youth Group

It is the passion for each member of the youth group to grow and continue to be a Disciple of Christ in a relationship based, mission focused group. It is also our desire for all members to feel pursued and loved by leaders and peers.

Our Youth Group is led by a Minister of Youth and two Youth Group Advisers. Youth Group meets every Monday night at 7pm. Keep up with the latest happenings with our Youth Group on Facebook.

Bible Quizzing

Our church youth competes in ACC Bible Quizzing. From the ACC Bible Quizzing website: Bible Quizzing is an opportunity for young people to get together, study the Bible, and answer questions in a friendly competition. Each Sunday night from January through March, several hundred teenagers gather to make a contest out of studying a particular passage from the scriptures. It is also a good opportunity to get to know other friends and people from other churches. It’s fun!

Keep track of the teams and the schedule at