We are Christ's Ambassadors making the appeal that ...

God is Love. He Loves each person so much that He sent His son Jesus into the world to live and die for us. Jesus died on the cross giving his blood for our sins. He arose from the dead victorious. He now reigns with God in heaven offering eternal life for all who will repent and believe. We are anticipating His second coming during which all sin will be destroyed and we will have eternal life with our loving God.

We are to follow Jesus Christ in every area of life. We believe a Christ Centered Life is only possible through the enabling power and fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit Guides us in obedience and faith to God's will in worship, service, and in witness to His love in our homes and communities.

Our church is committed to teaching the Divine Inspiration of The Bible. We believe that the entire Bible is unerring perfect will of God.

All members should share the gospel of Christ with others in Evangelistic Outreach as God calls and the Holy Spirit empowers. Our congregation is also a center for Service in the Name of Christ to those in need.

We should Partner With the evangelistic and service efforts of the Lancaster Conference and the greater evangelical Christian community.

Christ's divine love calls us to share in Fellowship and Mutual Care. We also purpose to share Hope and Healing for those who are in distress.

Each member is given the privilege to Share Financial Resources through tithes and offerings. These resources are used in the work of the church locally and worldwide.

All members should Grow in Grace and Knowledge of Christ through instruction, counsel, correction, and accountability. To this end may God be praised!