This is the site of a group of believers in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, who have dedicated ourselves to following Jesus Christ in life through ... 
    - Authentic Christian community
    - Learning to love our neighbors
    - Obedience and fidelity to God's revealed Word
    - Mission at home and around the world 
    - Dying to the world and this passing age
    - Celebrating the richness of our Mennonite heritage  

We trace our roots to meetings in the home of Benedict Breckbill shortly after the migration of the Bernese minister to the Pequea in 1717.  We were first identified as the Strasburg Meeting after Johannes Herr built his home in 1740 along what is now Twin Elm Road.  There we met together on the third floor.  During this time, the congregation served the spiritual and social needs of the Mennonite immigrants from Europe who settled around Strasburg.  In 1804, a stone meetinghouse was built at the site of our present location along Village Road.  This building was replaced by the present brick meetinghouse a few yards to the south in 1925. 
By God's grace, we have begun many things:  
    - Along with Willow Street Mennonite, we pioneered the Sunday School  
      movement in our community. 
    - We were one of the first area congregations to host a large vacation Bible
    - We planted a number of churches in Pennsylvania in the 1930's.  
    - The first overseas EMM missionaries came from our congregation. 
    We do not see ourselves resting on these accomplishments, but instead rising to meet the challenges     of the 21st century, which are as foreboding as any of those faced by our spiritual forebearers.